Warranty | Returns


DEA Performance will repair or replace any product returned to them within the specified warranty period by the original purchasing consumer should the product be found to be defective in materials or workmanship subject to the following conditions;

1) If the part has been damaged by accident, misuse, improper installation or application (Including installation of heat wrap to any part of the exhaust system) or operation, lack of maintenance or corroded due to exceptional circumstances or any cause beyond the control of DEA Performance, the warranty becomes null and void. This warranty does not apply to any additions such as chrome extension pipes, hangers, brackets, or clamps.

2) Mufflers and/or Exhausts which have been subject to a back-fire (internal explosion) are not covered by the warranty. Performance systems, unless otherwise advised by DEA Exhausts, are for off-road use only.  In late model vehicles the installation of an aftermarket exhaust system and/or components (i.e headers, performance cats and dump-pipes) may trigger the check engine warning light.   If this were to occur we’d recommend consulting a performance tuning specialist to have an ECU tuning on your vehicle.

3) DEA Performance will not be responsible for any cost in connection with freight or postage, or for the expense necessary to dismantle the exhaust system, replace the part in position and/or re-assemble.

4) The claim for warranty will not be accepted unless it is accompanied by the original invoice confirming date and place of purchase.

5) The benefits conferred by this warranty are in addition to all other rights or remedies in respect of the product which the consumer has under the Trade Practices Act and any similar State or Territory Laws.

6) The Seller shall not be liable for any claim, loss or expense of any nature whatsoever which arises on or after the expiration of seven days from the date of delivery once the products have been fixed or otherwise there shall be deemed to have been complete and unqualified acceptance of the products.

7) “The Seller will not admit any liability which would exceed the cost of replacement of the subject goods and shall not in any event be liable for any contingent or indirect special or punitive damages arising in any way whatsoever in relation thereto and the Buyer acknowledges that this is an express condition and limitation of liability and agrees to limit any claim accordingly. No other term, condition, warranty, representation, agreement or understanding of any nature whatsoever, express or implied, in any way extending to or otherwise relating to or binding on the Seller in relation to such Sale other than these terms and any term or other terms which the Seller agrees in writing to be bound by is made or given."

8) The warranty period of time varies up to 5 years dependent on the respective product in concern. For specific clarification on products being purchased please contact us on 039793 9916


 4X4 Systems 

  • ACMS / Mild Steel, 2 Years
  • Stainless Steel, 5 Years

 Sport Systems (ST Range)

  • ACMS / Mild Steel, 2 Years
  • Stainless Steel, 5 years

 Standard Systems Non-Sports (2 Years) 

 Catalytic Converters (1 Year) 

 DEA Diesel Particulate Filters DPFs (1 year)

 All DEA Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF) are covered by a 1-year limited warranty.  This warranty only covers structural failures of the DPF.

 Warranty Exclusions:

 The following conditions will void the warranty and are not covered under the warranty claim:

 2.1 Blockage:  DPFs returned due to blockage will not be considered as a warranty claim. The warranty only covers structural failures.

 2.2 Non-Conforming Oil:  The use of oil that does not conform to the specifications provided by the vehicle manufacturer will void the warranty.

 2.3 Monolith Breakup:  Damage to the monolith caused by excessive vibrations or accidents will not be considered as a warranty claim.

 2.4 Monolith Obstruction:  The warranty does not cover obstructions of the monolith caused by oil or antifreeze entering the exhaust system or the  use of exhaust paste.

 2.5 Use of Bio Diesel:  The warranty is void if the vehicle has been operated using bio diesel.

 2.6 Additive Usage:  For vehicles utilizing an additive to assist in the regeneration process, failure to use the additive will void the warranty.

 2.7 Failure to Follow Instructions:  If the manufacturer's instructions are not immediately followed when the DPF warning light illuminates, the  warranty will be void.

 2.8 ECU Reset:  The ECU (Engine Control Unit) must be reset at the time of replacing the new DPF; failure to do so will void the warranty.

 2.9 Unresolved Engine Faults:  All engine faults that caused the original DPF to fail must be rectified; failure to do so will void the warranty.

 2.10 Replacement Parts:  Pressure sensors, mountings, and/or gaskets must be replaced when fitting the new DPF; failure to do so will void the warranty.

 2.11 Mandatory Forced Regeneration:  It is mandatory to perform a "Forced Regeneration" on the new DPF before driving the vehicle. Failure to do so may result in damage to the DPF and void the warranty.

 Please note that the above warranty terms and conditions are subject to verification and evaluation by the manufacturer or authorized dealer.


Only damaged or faulty products will be accepted for return upon prior arrangement with DEA Performance staff. Products are required to be inspected prior to a refund/or product exchange being authorised.

Please contact us to discuss/assess the matter prior to returning any products.

In the event of the return of goods, all products and respective components must be returned to us within 30 days of delivery.  They must be unused, undamaged, unaltered & within original packaging.

The buyer accepts responsibility for all return postage costs.  

A restocking fee of up to 15% may apply.

No returns will be accepted after 30 days of delivery date.