Top 6 Reasons to Upgrade Your Performance Exhaust System

Top 6 Reasons to Upgrade Your Performance Exhaust System

While many people who are new to aftermarket investments may look to new tyres, upgraded braking systems, and air intake efficiency, one of the leading ways to increase performance is with custom exhaust solutions.

After all, the exhaust system is not just responsible for expelling harmful gases from the engine, but also impacts your car’s overall output and aesthetics. As such, our team at DEA Performance have compiled six of the top reasons why upgrading your performance exhaust systems is an excellent investment for car enthusiasts.

Why Aren’t OEM Exhaust Systems Suitable for Peak Performance?

So, why do you need a custom exhaust system in the first place?

Well, Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) exhaust systems are only designed to meet the basic needs of a vehicle, providing the necessary functionality for emissions control and muffling engine noise. Unfortunately, this means they aren’t optimised for peak performance and may not meet the needs of enthusiasts looking to enhance the performance of their vehicles.

Their failings are primarily in the lack of flow optimisation. OEM systems typically have a restrictive exhaust flow design to control emissions, limiting overall engine performance. Moreover, OEM exhaust systems are often made from lower-quality materials to save money, and are not built for high-performance or high-stress driving conditions. This can result in premature wear and tear, decreased durability, and a reduction in performance over time.

And, if you’re thinking purely about your car aesthetic, an OEM exhaust system is largely regarded as more conservative in terms of appearance and sound, which may not meet the needs of those searching for a sportier, more aggressive impression.

Why You Should Invest in that Exhaust Upgrade

1. Elevate Operating Efficiency

A primary benefit of upgrading your exhaust system is to improve operating efficiency. A well-constructed exhaust system will enhance the flow of gases, increasing the engine’s overall efficiency. You will immediately notice an improvement in acceleration, better fuel efficiency, and a reduction in engine strain, resulting in a smoother and more enjoyable driving experience. In addition, it can reduce emissions and make your car more environmentally friendly.

2. Increased Power & Performance

Another critical reason to upgrade to a custom exhaust system is the increased power and performance. As alluded to above, the right exhaust system will reduce backpressure and improve exhaust flow, translating to an improvement in acceleration, greater horsepower, and an increase in overall output. This can make your driving experience more thrilling and dynamic, giving you a greater sense of power behind the wheel.

3. Improve Your Fuel Economy

Not only does upgrading your exhaust system enhance performance, but it can also improve fuel economy. By reducing engine strain and improving the efficiency of how it operates, your car will consume less fuel and achieve better mileage. Not only will this mean a decreased consumption of fossil fuels, helping you to be more environmentally friendly, but it will also help you save money on runny costs.

4. Upgrade Your Vehicle’s Appearance

Exhaust systems come in a variety of styles, finishes, and materials, and upgrading can give your car a sportier, more aggressive look. From polished stainless steel to powder-coated black, an exhaust system suits every style and preference. Whether you want to make a statement on the road or simply enhance the appearance of your vehicle, upgrading your exhaust system is a great way to achieve that goal.

5. Take Your Car Exhaust Sound to the Next Level

In addition to its visual appeal, upgrading your exhaust system can also enhance the car exhaust sound. Performance exhaust systems produce a deeper, more aggressive tone, giving you a greater sense of power behind the wheel. Whether you prefer a deep, rumbling tone or a sporty, high-pitched sound, the right exhaust system can help your car stand out from the crowd.

6. Raise the Value of Your Vehicle

Finally, upgrading your exhaust system can also increase the overall value of your car. This is especially true for high-performance vehicles, where an upgraded exhaust system can make a significant difference in performance and appearance. Whether you're looking to sell or trade-in your vehicle in the future, an upgraded exhaust system can make your car more attractive to potential buyers, making it easier to receive a better price.

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Jan 31, 2023

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